Everyone is equal around our table.


About 'rounDtable

‘rounDtable is a series of cooking brainstorming workshops happening each month. You get to learn new recipes and techniques, cook food, eat, join the discussion on the burning topics and enjoy the good company. 
If you read it as “around the table”, you learn the meaning. It means a bunch of strangers becoming a family in a strange foreign country. It means good food. It means working together to create something nice for each other. It means teaching each other. It means enjoying life. As it is, now.
If you read it as “round-table”, you learn the purpose. We want to challenge ourselves and our believes. We want to discuss, debate, oppose and agree. We want to agree to disagree. We want to acknowledge the differences and to embrace them. At our table everyone is equal. And everyone has their voice.

Concept - Preservation workshop

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Every month new workshop – keep up to date!

Due to the corona rules, the workshops are postponed to when this becomes possible again. Until then follow us on instagram!

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